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Weatherhead Consulting is the perfect team to help you make your app.

We've published hundreds of applications across web and mobile, and our proprietary technology has propelled us to the top of our field. Let us help make your next big dream a reality.

We're proud to be in the Top 1% of Play Store developers by app count.

In addition to cutting edge application development Weatherhead Consulting specializes in helping small businesses increase their leverage with our expertise in code generation and build process automation.

Metaprogramming is very powerful, but can seem too esoteric to put into practice. Let us show you how to increase leverage and developer productivity with our proven process and watch your performance indicators soar.


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Hi. My name's Jasmyn. I'm in the Top 1% of Google Play Developers by app count, and over the years have had many #1s. I have a massive stable of over 200 Android apps and I owe it all to the process detailed in this book.

When I started my app studio it seemed almost hopeless for such a small team (one developer, one designer) to participate competitively in such a huge market. Developing and applying the process detailed in this book totally revolutionized my workflow, leading to massively increased productivity, revenue, and market success.

This book documents this proven process and shows you how to generate a huge amount of unique code using whatever language you prefer. Metaprogramming can seem like an imposing concept, but my system is approachable, powerful, and totally language-neutral. Written in a direct, easy to understand style that gets you productive fast, this slim tome will have you leveled up in no time.

Click here to download a sample of the book, and here if you'd like to pre-order.


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